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Guysssss. I've been meaning to post this since like, Idol top 20 and now the shows over, but um KRIS ALLEN IS CLEARLY CHRISTOPH AND VICTORIAS CHILD AND NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE. THEY DISOWNED HIM, BUT IT'S OBVIOUS. anddddd I may have written a little fic about it?

thank you molly bb.

Name or what you want me to call you: betty lara alex luke christoph jilly matt james jennifer amber ava zach whyte.
Age: when i'm sixty four dun dun.
Whereabouts do you live? in a house?!
Shows: the brooke and alex show.
Ships: .. what?
Ships that make you pause and say WTF: ALL OF THEM.
Favorite celebs: betty white.
Favorite books: cape coral.
Favorite movies: cape coral.
Favorite music: rap / hip(pity) hop.
Favorite quote: bitch please.
Favorite GIF: i prefer png.
Guilty pleasure: pleasure is a sin.
Random facts you might want me to know: hi. my name is joe. and i work in a button factory. i got a wife two kids and a dog (woof.) one day, my boss came up to me and said, joe baby, are you busy baby? i said no baby? than push this button with your right hand.

pshaw, christoph allen.

Molly and I had this conversation the other day. We've talked about Cape Coral: the TV show, but nevermind that. What about the merchandising?

It all started with Pshaw, Christoph Allen, which would look fabulous on a mug or t-shirt. We could even start selling team shirts, like team Eve or team Dawn, or ship shirts, even. Because who wouldn't buy an Alex/Brooke one? XD

k, your turn. add.