i don't know why nobody told you. (swordpoker) wrote in inverged_joke,
i don't know why nobody told you.

thank you molly bb.

Name or what you want me to call you: betty lara alex luke christoph jilly matt james jennifer amber ava zach whyte.
Age: when i'm sixty four dun dun.
Whereabouts do you live? in a house?!
Shows: the brooke and alex show.
Ships: .. what?
Ships that make you pause and say WTF: ALL OF THEM.
Favorite celebs: betty white.
Favorite books: cape coral.
Favorite movies: cape coral.
Favorite music: rap / hip(pity) hop.
Favorite quote: bitch please.
Favorite GIF: i prefer png.
Guilty pleasure: pleasure is a sin.
Random facts you might want me to know: hi. my name is joe. and i work in a button factory. i got a wife two kids and a dog (woof.) one day, my boss came up to me and said, joe baby, are you busy baby? i said no baby? than push this button with your right hand.
Tags: that's entertainment
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