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i don't know why nobody told you.

ta dah.

she has dreamed of this moment because he has dreamed of this moment. it's been circled on the calendar, but it seemed more fantasy than reality. even now, the morning of, it's kind of hard to believe that it's happening. she barely slept because he barely slept, tossing and turning and stealing the covers. she doesn't blame him, this is his life, and while she can pretend to be just as stressed and her stomach is in knots, it can't even begin to compare to what he's feeling. he won't tell either, just grin and bear it and try and get two cups of coffee down to function. but she loves him and will support him and knows it'll be okay, even if he doesn't. so she dresses, lets him be, and gingerly grabs the keys from him. his hands are in fists, his knuckles white, and as she pulls into the parking lot she tells him it'll be okay. he looks like he doesn't believe her, so she leans forward, kisses him softly, and asks him to trust her for once. she gets out of the car, walks in, and her face lights up. "jules!" they hug, and she smiles thinly at luke. but she made a deal not to interfere, not after he stood by her side and fought back for forgiveness, told her she looked beautiful without almost all of her hair, and meant it. then there's a tap on her shoulder, and she's squealing "betty!" her brother and betty are on again. they had been off for awhile, off enough for betty to get engaged to evan. she doesn't know the story, doesn't want to, and there is jake. he looks so nervous, waving to the crowd that's for him. the turn out is good, and she can see it register, watch him relax as he sits down. "thank you all for coming," he says, and does his half smile without realizing it. there, her heart swells, and the press conference goes on. a couple bright flashes, some questions, and then he calls her up to the stage. "open it," he says, and so she does. "to the dedication," he adds. to tallulah, it was always you.
Tags: cape coral, for kayti, writing fic about rp chars that's right
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